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Writing Believable Crime Fiction

Workshop Led by
Award-winning author and former FBI Agent
Dana Ridenour

Advice from someone who's been there on how to write realistic law enforcement characters, crime scenes, and fight scenes. Law enforcement personnel are an integral part of crime fiction, with their roles ranging from those enforcing the law at street level up to the upper echelons of command. Presented by retired FBI undercover operative Dana Ridenour, this workshop will address the psychological toll of being a law enforcement officer, writing realistic law enforcement characters and crime scenes, accurately discussing firearms, understanding jurisdiction, describing realistic fight scenes, conducting research, and turning your real-life experiences into fiction. Dana Ridenour spent most of her career as an FBI undercover operative infiltrating criminal organizations involved with narcotics, sex-trafficking, and domestic terrorism. Now retired from the FBI, she is the author of the award-winning Lexie Montgomery crime series, including the recently released novel Below the Radar (Wise Ink, 2019). She lives in Beaufort, SC.

Price: $25 (book included)
Saturday, November 21st
9:45am - 10:45am est.
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