2019 Workshops -- 11/21 and 11/22

Full Descriptions & Registration/Payments

All workshops are $25.00

Workshops will be held at Lowcountry Presbyterian Church (Fellowship Hall), 10 Simmonsville Road, Bluffton

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Thurs. 9-10:00am -- "Self-Editing for Publication" w/ award-winning author and editor Susan Diamond Riley

A step-by-step approach to "writing like an editor" as you prepare your very best work for the submission process.

Whether you plan to submit your writing to a publisher, an agent, or a contest, publishing is a competitive business. Submitting only your very best, most polished work will improve your chances of finding success as a published author. Led by professional editor and author Susan Diamond Riley, this workshop will explore the submission process and present a practical, step-by-step method for preparing your written project for publication by serving as your own editorial staff. Susan Diamond Riley is an award-winning author and editor who has worked in the fields of publishing, journalism, and education for more than 30 years. A resident of Hilton Head Island, she continues to work as a freelance editor while writing her own series of mysteries for children, including The Sea Island’s Secret (University of South Carolina Press, 2019).


Thurs. 10-11:00am -- "Navigating Pathways to Publication" w/ Pat Conroy Literary Center Executive Director Jonathan Haupt

An overview for identifying directories of vetted opportunities for publication (agents, publishers, contests, and journals) with an emphasis on pathways into small presses and regional presses. From traditional models to self-publishing to hybrid, myriad opportunities for publication now exist for writers, but finding legitimate paths to publication can be a challenge for many burgeoning writers. Conroy Center executive director and former USC Press director Jonathan Haupt will offer an overview for identifying directories of vetted opportunities for publication--agents, publishers, contests, and journals--with an emphasis on pathways into small presses and regional presses. This session will also include a brief discussion (both instructive and cautionary) of how Pat Conroy's first two books, The Boo and The Water Is Wide, came to be published. Jonathan Haupt is the executive director of the Pat Conroy Literary Center, the founding director of the annual Pat Conroy Literary Festival, and the former director of the University of South Carolina Press. With novelist and artist Nicole Seitz, he is co-editor of the anthology Our Prince of Scribes: Writers Remember Pat Conroy (University of Georgia Press, 2018), and is the author of numerous magazine articles, book reviews, and author interviews.


Fri. 2-3:00pm -- "Writing Believable Crime Fiction" w/ award-winning author & former FBI agent Dana Ridenour

Advice from someone who's been there on how to write realistic law enforcement characters, crime scenes, and fight scenes. Law enforcement personnel are an integral part of crime fiction, with their roles ranging from those enforcing the law at street level up to the upper echelons of command. Presented by retired FBI undercover operative Dana Ridenour, this workshop will address the psychological toll of being a law enforcement officer, writing realistic law enforcement characters and crime scenes, accurately discussing firearms, understanding jurisdiction, describing realistic fight scenes, conducting research, and turning your real-life experiences into fiction. Dana Ridenour spent most of her career as an FBI undercover operative infiltrating criminal organizations involved with narcotics, sex-trafficking, and domestic terrorism. Now retired from the FBI, she is the author of the award-winning Lexie Montgomery crime series, including the recently released novel Below the Radar (Wise Ink, 2019). She lives in Beaufort, SC.


Fri.3-4:00pm -- "Ghostwriting 101" w/ celebrity ghostwriter Vickie MacIntyre

Instructions on being a professional "undercover writer" as you help someone else tell their story. Have you ever wondered what exactly a ghostwriter does or why he or she would choose to be the “silent partner” for someone else’s work? Led by celebrity ghostwriter Vickie McIntyre, this workshop will explore her personal journey toward ghostwriting, the publishing process, and the pros and cons of being a silent partner. Participants will also discuss and practice necessary skills such as learning to write in someone else’s voice, being both writer and editor, gaining and maintaining trust, fact checking, widening the lens of interviews, and learning to feel the tug of a deeper story beneath someone’s words. A former educator and magazine journalist, Vickie McIntyre is the ghostwriter of Falling with Wings—A Mother’s Story (MacMillan, 2018), the memoir of Dianna De La Garza (the mother of pop star Demi Lovato). McIntyre lives on Hilton Head Island, where she is currently ghostwriting a memoir of a medium/healer while also working on her first novel.